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After a potent telenostic dream in which I spoke a light language, was illuminated blue with glowing sigils, and in the high council of Ithaca; I awoke with the new style of art. These are anchorings of unseen realms and energy flowing effortlessly in a stream of consciousness through my pen. What will they awaken in you?

Light Codes

Frequency Foundations

Frequency Foundations are a visual blueprint of different planes of reality. They are rhythms and patterns guided by frequency for form to be perceived and experienced. As we change the frequency of our foundation different realities are illuminated; with that our perceptions, feelings, and experiences shift.


Embodied Vibrations are the universal songs that we are remembering. When we harmonize with and embody these vibrations we learn the language of life. Though every vibration feels different and song sounds different, it is the unity found in diversity that inspires a veneration for life.


Looking at a mandala helps guide our consciousness on a journey of inner exploration. Here creation, harmony, stillness and balance are some of the few stops along the way. Every mandala is an original one of a kind. Created by gluing laser cut wood pieces after staining, airbrushing and inlaying then with crystals.

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