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Some of these creations are inspired by stories, others the story has yet to be told. Beyond the story is an experience of truth. I express this truth through multiple layers of laser cut wood; painted, stained, stacked, and inlaid with gemstones.

Multidimensional art

Beyond flat screens, projection art is the next octave of multi-dimensional art experiences. In 2017 with the help of Vizzy Wiz, Laser Nerd and later Light Harvest an exploration of projecting videos mapped perfectly onto multiple layers of laser cut wood began. This is just a taste of what is truly possible.

Projection Art

Looking at a mandala helps guide our consciousness on a journey of inner exploration. Creation, harmony, stillness and balance are a few of the stops along the way. Every mandala is an original one of a kind. Created by gluing laser cut wood pieces after staining, airbrushing and inlaying them with crystals.


Every object in our life has a story and purpose for existing. These laser cut alters are here to bring reverence to what we choose to hold dear. They are created to hold a space of remembrance; to honor that story and purpose then experience it fully in the present. 


After a potent telenostic dream in which I spoke a light language, was illuminated blue with glowing sigils, and in the high council of Ithaca; I awoke with the new style of art. These are anchorings of unseen realms and energy flowing effortlessly in a stream of consciousness through my pen. What will they awaken in you?

Light Codes

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