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Acrylic on wooden sculpture inlayed with gemstones



Can hear the whispers in the wind? There’s something brewing. Some hear the fabric of society falling apart while we sacrifice our planets radiance for profit. Others hear AI claiming to make your life easier while silently monitoring your every step, creating intolerance, separation and isolation. It’s as if everyday there is something bigger, badder, and louder than the last. Grabbing your attention and filling you with dis-ease.

How can we solve life’s insurmountable problems?

By shifting our focus inside and listening to the whisper.

I hear the reunion of a universal family awakening and remembering how to honor their origins deep within the earth and far into the stars. I hear the sound of sandcastles being swept off into the sea and the creation of chrysalises searching for refuge. I feel the softness in surrendering to Ibu Pertiwi (the Earth Mother) and asking for guidance.

She whispers.. “I’m not going anywhere, I’m here for you. As you walk through me, know that I walk through you. Move with the rhythm of your heart. It is a universal rhythm that guides and connects us all. There is no separation. Let go of the illusion and find your way back home. Home is here and now.” Then silence, stillness.. Nothing left, just the sound of this universal rhythm guiding back to the center. Welcome home. When you’re ready to emerge, remember we are dreamers creating the dream. The reality is we are everything so let’s live a life with honor and reverence for all. This is our Metamorphosis.

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