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There's a language that all of us speak, it is beyond words and concepts of the mind. These are the expressions of the elements, of our genetics, of our experience through this passage of time. These creations are an expression of this and consist of 64 creations called The Universal Language.


These creations are all connected to chapters in the cycle of changes. Nothing needs to be understood to speak with them. Your presence and experience is how you commune with these frequencies and discover what they hold for you. 


Pay close attention to which ones call out to you, there is a message in every one for you and the one you are being drawn to now is guiding you to what you are ready for now. 


If you want to dive deeper into the knowledge you can look up the number in the I Ching or Gene Keys systems. In the future all 64 will be a part of an oracle set.


To express the Universal Language the Chinese used an 8 by 8 octagon called the I Ching alternating between black and white, yin and yang. The I Ching relates to the elements and our experience of them internally and externally in a cycle of changes, navigating the passages of time.


In our generation the Gene Keys were created in the expression of this Universal Language. Using the same 64 grid Gene Keys integrates Astrology, Human Design, I Ching, Tarot, Genetics, etc.. into an experiential navigational system. This system moves from the Shadow, repressed/reactive experience, into a Gift where it is embodied and expressed then to a Siddhi where it effortlessly flows through you beyond you.

Doorways Of The Unknown - 48


This measures 35.5 in (90 cm) square

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