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About Adrian Rasmussen


“Art is the expression of our innate creative nature. This is a gift we all have to give, the expression of such is shown throughout the way we live. Life is art.”

From the sand to mud to finger paints, Adrian Rasmussen has never forgotten the artist within all of us. Throughout work, school, and college he was never more than a few steps away from what he was creating that day. Exploring many mediums, his first art sales were his graffiti inspired clothing. He began to use hats as his canvas and sold over 3000+ one of a kind painted hats. He became deeply involved in bringing new life to the Santa Cruz Art Scene, and cofounded the award winning the Hide Gallery. Shifting from painting on clothing to canvases and began to tour West Coast galleries and festivals. Along the way he discovered laser cutting as an art form and synergized many of his skills into one cohesive expression.

His art is inspired by the journey of awareness, remembrance and awakening. Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, and other experiences that lift the veil and permeate his art. From California to Burning Man to Bali, he continues to share his art worldwide.

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