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January 30, 2013  |  Blog, Yeh Ming Ju

This stone has provided quite a learning experience for me. I am excited to be a part of sharing it with you. If you own or have been able to sit with a genuine piece of Ye Ming Zhu I would love to hear about your experience. We all have a different take and something valuable to share. So please let me know how Ye Ming Zhu has effected your life, helped meditations or anything else interesting.

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  1. Jasmine Wolf di'Vine (aka Mama Bear)

    Super activated! i received a green piece w/ some blue on it as well… A good balance for me energetically. I need both the activating/motivating qualities of the green and the soothing/anti-inflammatory qualities of the blue. Now i just need a string!! :-)
    Thanx again Adrian

  2. Hey there, Thanks for making this guide! You know you’ve got something special when you can’t find it on google after searching for 10 seconds.

    I got my piece at the tucson gem and mineral show just a month ago. Talk about manifestation! I’m a wire wrapper, and I was set up selling crystals and wraps at a table, in the middle of working on a piece for a friend of mine; I was working for a few hours and needed to get up to walk around, so I grabbed my friend and we walked off to stretch our legs.

    As we’re walking around, we walk up on a guy who’s talking about these glowing stones, and he goes “check this out!” and shows us the awesomeness that is Yeh ming ju; needless to say my buddy and I were fascinated. And that was before I ever even held it in my hand. Once I put the piece in my hand I was blown away. I feel energy in stones, but never like that before. I’d never been so captivated by a stone so quickly before, so despite the priceiness, and despite the fact that it was just about all I had left in my wallet I knew that it’d come to me for a reason. So I made the decision to trust my intution and pick it up.

    SOOOO glad I did.

    I walk back to my table and find out that someone had come by minutes after I left to stretch my legs and was as captivated by my most expensive pendant and was willing to buy it on the spot but I’d been gone. I figured if he was really that interested he’d be back

    So the next morning, he was WAITING for me, bought it right there, for exactly how much I’d paid for the yeh ming ju!

    I’m wearing it right now in a wire wrap around my neck with 7 pieces of uvite from brazil and four pieces of rhodizite. The manifestation capabilities of this stone are incredible, and I’ve been having more vivid/prophetic dreams as of late, and recieving a lot of information regarding the science of consciousness and how to bring more light into my life. Only beginning to scratch the surface of this stone though!

  3. Adrian, I just cannot tell you what a wonderful investment this has been for me. I have been acquainted with the stone for several months, having several Qigong practitioners in my Life that wear the stone and work with it in their practice. I knew the moment I was introduced that it was destined to become a part of my Life. I did the research myself to discover what it was about the stone that was so damned attractive to me. Normally I am not impressed with stones other than the rare pieces I have interacted with. This stone is in a whole other realm! I wanted to thank you for being the conduit to bring my very own Ye Ming Ju stone into my Life. I have had it only a couple of days and at first, I must admit, I was a little let down by it’s appearance and overall feel. In interacting with the stone on my altar and in hand, I believe my stone began to pick up on my disappointment. I put it out in the sun today to charge it and OMG was I blown away when I went out to retrieve it! I purchase a purple stone and it glowed with the most magnificent purple glow, can’t really begin to describe it! Any disappointment I initially perceived was absolutely dissolved. I am captivated by this stone! I have not yet had a chance to work with the energetics of this stone and I am sure my relationship to my stone will indeed prove to be the best investment I have made in a very long time. This stone interacts with my energy in a way that makes it almost “human”, there is a budding relationship I feel with this stone. I have never felt this way about any specimen in the mineral kingdom and I am not easy to impress. With this stone….I AM IMPRESSED!

  4. My discovery of Ye Ming Ju, was part of and extremely syncronistic set of events leading up to the 21st of Decemeber in 2012. Since then my relationship with both qi gong energy practices, and my relationship with the beautiful purple specimen of Ye Ming Ju I acquired. I believe any one can benefit from this stone, however those that do energy work of any kind can find huge benefits. Looking forwards to more of these coming into my life.

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