Ye Ming Zhu Colors and Energetics

January 30, 2013  |  Blog, Yeh Ming Ju

Over the last few years I have been able to directly experience the energy of the different types of Modern Ye Ming Zhu. Here are a few experiences and observations I’ve made.

I believe the light coming from the cosmos contains not only visible light but also information. Like a plant we receive light and grow with it. There is an unbelievable amount of food for our genes and DNA contained in the light. Ye Ming Zhu charges itself in the light and has an active connection with the cosmos. It constantly both sends and receives information from the suns and stars, to and through you. It loves the conscious inneraction which wearing a piece provides it. The more we interact with it with consciousness and gratitude the more its gifts shine back to and through us.

Though Ye Ming Zhu Charges with light, I personally have seen it glow brighter in dreamtime and meditations as well as interacting with sacred singing. It charges with all forms of energy. Often when you unlock and create a bond it will glow much brighter!

All Ye Ming Zhu raises your current, or increases your qi. It is like the volume and strength of “water” (Qi) flowing through your “energetic pipes” (Meridians) is greatly increased. That means blockages will get cleared quicker, things will manifest faster and though it is up to you, lessons will be learnt rapidly. Keep in mind learning lessons isn’t always something comfortable, but in my opinion being slightly out of the comfort zone is where the magic happens. Ye Ming Zhu doesn’t feel like it provides too much, it is just enough to take me to the edge and allow me clear out the stagnant energy.

With all colors it feels like my intuition is increased. Previously when faced with difficult decisions I might have to listen for a whisper, now it often feels like I have lightning shooting up my spine guiding me to the right decision. My meditations have been greatly increased, I feel much clearer and present. My life has became much more abundant and my reality working with attachment and lack has transformed in a very healthy way. The Chinese have always believed Ye Ming Zhu, brings wealth, health, happiness and a long life. I think a large portion of this can be attributed to keeping your energy flow clean and strong will bring you to a place where that occurs naturally.

Though all the colors have similarities it seems like each color of Ye Ming Zhu has a slightly different gift.

The Imperial Green Ye Ming Zhu really feels like its for being active on the physical realm. Athletes, speakers, figure heads, basically people physically active, involved in business and in bringing their gifts to the world. It helps boost your physical energy and is very active. It glows the brightest, is the strongest physically and is great for manifestation.

The Angelic Blue is very calming and soothing. The way I describe the energy is similar to that peace you feel after lots of physical activity, or when you are hanging out with a really good friend that you implicitly trust. It is that serenity which blue brings. It is for healing, dreams, relaxation and beauty. It emits a cold light and is anti inflamatory (the cause of most sickness). Blue is quite powerful in a relaxing, energised, present way. Blue is my personal favorite.

Celestial Purple is really something else. It has a cosmic connection and is amazing for all energy work. It is the strongest on a subtle energy level and seems to glow with a spectrum beyond what our eyes can see. In meditation purple takes me out to the cosmos and helps activate the Pineal and Pituitary. I cannot emphasize enough how strong this stone is for all energy work. Purple does need direct sunlight to glow, if you use a UV light it will glow a different color.

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  1. hi
    pls tell me what yeh ming zhu can be purchased ,the original and man made .

  2. Check with ahhhmuse for the best stones with the purest vibrations… They probably have it. All of my best purchases have come from them.

  3. Hey SolSeek, Though I love most of the stones from Ahhhmuse when it comes to Ye Ming Zhu, They are selling what are considered Archetypal. They have no ordered crystal structure at a molecular level, making it not a crystal at all. What they consider Natural is made this way and is definitely not Ancient (from the earth).

    If you want to find out a bit more about the differences between what is being sold as Ye Ming Zhu, or pick some up you can find Authentic Ye Ming Zhu here

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