Learning Guide to Ye Ming Zhu, The Glowing Stone

January 30, 2013  |  Blog, Yeh Ming Ju

About two years ago I discovered an amazing glowing stone known as Ye Ming Zhu or otherwise spelled Yeh Ming Ju (Moon Bright Pearl). Previously unheard of in the west but legendary in China as the Dragons Pearl or Emperors Stone; Ye Ming Zhu has the power to receive light, heat and Qi (energy) and send it back out with a brilliant glow for extended periods of time. Over the last two years I have been fortunate enough to be able to directly experience, meditate, wear and shape this stunning glowing stone. I’ve created a few articles to share my synchronicities, experiences and knowledge with you.

Discovering Ye Ming Zhu, the Brilliant Glowing Stone
Here you will find the story of my discovery of Yeh Ming Ju.

What Is Ancient and Modern Ye Ming Zhu and Yeh Ming Ju?
In this I go into detail about the history, structure and origin.

Ye Ming Zhu Colors and Energetics
This is about the energy I feel in Ye Ming Zhu and the different colors.

Bringing Ye Ming Zhu into your life: Acquiring
Here are details about where to get Ye Ming Zhu, the cost, counterfeits and other considerations.

Bringing Yeh Ming Zhu into your life: Wearing, Cleaning and Passing
This is an overview of keeping Ye Ming Zhu charged, clean and tips to interacting with it.

Collaborations with Ye Ming Zhu
See how artists and crafters have worked with Ye Ming Zhu.

Your experience with Ye Ming Zhu
Share what your personal experience is with Ye Ming Zhu.

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