Discovering Ye Ming Zhu, the Brilliant Glowing Stone

January 30, 2013  |  Blog, Yeh Ming Ju

Before Ye Ming Zhu found me I had little experience with the energy of gemstones and crystals. I have always enjoyed crystals and have worked with and felt energy from a very early age but surprisingly had never connected the two. In 2008 I found myself doing some work with Mantak Chia’s Qigong resort in Thailand. While at the Tao Gardens (the resort) I found myself not only discovering much about internal alchemy and meditation but also met an honored Qigong Master who unbeknownst to me had a major role to play. We shared tea and talked business, he liked my style and clear vision and wanted me to do some design work for him. We exchanged info and went our separate ways.

Two years later I found myself back at the Tao Gardens. I was taking classes and doing work trade for the Tao Congress, a yearly gathering of qigong teachers and students. This one honoring 30 years of Mantak Chia’s teaching qigong. At the time I had a strong meditation practice and had been meditating for months prior to arriving. I was a sponge soaking up all kinds of lessons about feeling, clearing, moving with and cultivating qi. I stayed in Asia for 3 months meeting many people furthering my energetic awareness. One of the people I met, Emily told me a story about meeting someone on a bus with an incredible glowing stone. She wasn’t allowed to touch it but she could feel the energy strongly emanating from it. The man said it came from someone he met in china and it was very rare and expensive. Because of my focus on qi cultivation and meditation this was interesting however the conversation drifted into another direction and was shortly forgot.

Back in Santa Cruz freshly activated from my travels I continued a regular meditation practice. Out of curiosity I placed several crystals from my youth into my meditation room and started picking them up mid meditation. I was familiar with what my energy body felt like and would notice how it would change depending which crystal I was holding. Being new to this I found it extremely exciting and decided to discover what other crystals felt like. Then I remembered, there was a glowing stone out there and wondered what it might feel like. I started asking people who knew about crystals if they had ever heard of a glowing stone and where I could get one. To my dismay nobody had seen or heard of them. So I moved on and let go of that idea. Two days later The Qigong Master I met in Thailand wrote me asking for help designing material for this new business working with energy gems. As I scrolled down the page I was speechless, to my surprise attached were pictures of the glowing stones! Little did I know how far Ye Ming Zhu was about to take me…

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