Bringing Ye Ming Zhu into your life: Wearing, Cleaning and Passing

January 30, 2013  |  Blog, Yeh Ming Ju

When you’ve acquired a piece of Ye Ming Zhu here are a few tips to keep it clean and help it maintain its energy, power and vibrancy. The most important thing is to charge it often! There are several ways and I recommend doing as many as you can. Leave it out in the direct sun all day, however be careful to secure it as animals are attracted to Ye Ming Zhu. You also can wash it under cold water for 15-40 seconds while picturing gunk coming off of it. Setting it on selenite and black tourmaline it in the sun for several days is very effective in deep cleaning. Meditation is a strong way to awaken it!

Most importantly charge it with awareness, learn to open yourself up to it, let the energy in and trust it and you will see the same thing reflected back to you even stronger. It is like a capacitor or amplifier. Everytime someone mentions it, remember the energy and what it stands for in your life. Every time you see or feel it, fuse your consciousness and awareness into what it is sharing with you and you with it. Integrating it into your life and being aware of the gifts regularly is by far the best way to activate and awaken Ye Ming Zhu.

Be careful who you let touch it, people will try to touch and grab it. Ye Ming Zhu is like an energetic sponge constantly sending and receiving energy. Sure, if someone is family or a significant other who you already exchange a lot of energy with perhaps you let them touch it. Even then follow your intuition and remember it is a power piece for you and to help you on your ascension. Other people will receive the blessings of your connection to Ye Ming Zhu directly through you without having to touch it.

There will be times you don’t want to wear Ye Ming Zhu or feel like it is time for a new piece. Sometimes if you go through a lot of personal transformation it is good to set it down and pick it back up later. Often your piece may need to be cleansed, try some of the methods previously mentioned. When you come back to it may have something new to show you.

Some people learn what they need to from a piece. Since each stone has a different spirit and lesson to share it may be time to move on to a new stone or color. If you’ve truly integrated your stone and tried cleaning and stepping away from it for a while and are still certain you’re finished Here are a few things you can do.

The energy still will be very present on your piece so I do recommend keeping it around. Perhaps using on an altar, as a tea stone or creating an orgainite generator Before you do anything first make sure it is really really clean, a few weeks of black tourmaline and selenite and sunlight should do the trick. If you decide you are going to pass it on I must warn you, energetically everything you have been going through will be contained in your stone. When the stone is clean it still contains that but it has less of a charge. Regardless you don’t want to pass your problems onto anyone else so it’s very important it feels very clean. You must also have any sense of attachment or expectation removed from it or that will be passed on and linger. It can be good to recut and shape the stone to help with this. When passing a stone you must fully listen to your intuition about who it will go to and know without a doubt it is right. It is very important you follow these steps since skipping any of these steps will lead to you becoming energetically entangled. For this reason I highly recommend keeping it and finding a new use for it. Rather than wearing it use it to charge places in your home or activities.

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