Bringing Ye Ming Zhu into your life: Acquiring

January 30, 2013  |  Blog, Yeh Ming Ju

When buying Ye Ming Zhu I always recommend buying a never owned piece. The nature of crystals is to store and share energy and information. Because of this inneractive process, buying something that has been previously owned will have energetic information from the previous owner. Ye Ming Zhu adjusts and adapts to you, and what you need energetically, so buying or wearing something pre adapted to someone else can have some adverse effects. That’s not to say they can never exchange hands, but it is important to start fresh. If you are receiving a pre owned Ye Ming Zhu make sure you read this section.

Since crystals are holders of energy intelligence Yang Shen has shifted over to a new form of Ye Ming Zhu now called Celestial Ye Ming Zhu. A charging station has been created with mother stones to provide Celestial Ye Ming Zhu with the energetics of several different power places. One mother stone was charged in Jack Halperns prize winning mineral collection for several days.
The next stone got charged by the Ye Ming Zhu owned by every Emperor from the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Another stone was activated in sacred places and portals in South America during the 2012 alignment. And Lastly I personally set up an activation in the Goddess Temple taken care of by Penny Slinger and built by the father of spirulina, the late Christopher Hills for the 2012 alignment. In addition there are a large collection of other sacred stones to create a singularity sending the newly shaped stones into the world energetically supercharged.

If interested in the energetics It is very important you purchase genuine Ye Ming Zhu. Ye Ming Zhu is valuable ranging from $75 – $10,000 depending on the size, weight and shape of the piece. Yang Shen (to Nourish Mind Body and Spirit) is the only place I have ever found genuine Ye Ming Zhu. I personally have access to their large collection. I am working with them to shape their inventory, collaborate with skilled jewelers and crafters and help bring the right pieces to the right people. Celestial Yeh Ming Ju is guaranteed to be genuine and is the only company working with the only high tech alchemists lab which creates it.

Though you are welcome to try to find Ye Ming Zhu elsewhere, I have yet to see that result in anything but acquiring a glowing counterfeit. Counterfeits are very abundant, you can find them all over china and ebay as well as some festivals. Counterfeit Ye Ming Zhu will not contain the rare earth elements, the crystal structure, the energetics and are often toxic. There are many forms and grades of counterfeit and they can all look slightly different. They don’t glow as long or bright or have the same color. I have yet to see a counterfeit purple, they are usually green, darkish green or blue green. Some are easy to spot others are a little more difficult. Many contain plastic or polymer as a bonding agent or a glow paint put on and inside calcite or other minerals. If a price is too good to be true it is probably counterfeit.

If you do muscle testing it can become obvious what is real and what is not. It is important to note you may be able to feel some energy from a counterfeit, especially if you have owned or held Ye Ming Zhu before. That can occur because of placebo, tapping into the morphic field of Ye Ming Zhu through your belief, or radiation. So I cannot emphasize enough find yourself a genuine piece, if you want to spend less, get a small piece, any amount of Ye Ming Zhu will bring the energetics into your life it doesn’t have to be huge.

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For current availability check the facebook page or contact me. For any questions, comments or clarification needed contact me or post on the page.


  1. Corey mcwhirter

    I am very interested. I seen a piece at a Goa gil event Avon out blew my mind. I have always loved flower in the dark am Uv reactive objects as well as crystals. This is a wholly grail of a stone for me.

  2. Hey Corey take a look at there is Authentic Ye Ming Zhu for sale there and even more information

  3. I received a pearl necklace some years back (probably ten) and it is purple and white can you tell me anything about it? I see purple is linked for work energy and all energies and I just wonder what it can help me with and what it might be worth, it is beautiful.

  4. All I know is I’d never heard of this until a few hours ago. I touched this stone and slept in a room with it and it made me lay down and started healing some long term throat issues and integrate my energy fully into the present moment.
    I need this stone.
    I am sensitive to stones and I’ve never met one that felt alive like this. I don’t want to buy one without meeting it first. Is that possible? I have been profoundly affected and will be searching for this until I find this feeling again. I would like to sit with these stones. I want to respect their medicine and am only interested in interacting with people who feel the same.
    Please only respond if you are genuinely interested in helping me to connect with this energy.
    Thank you.

  5. Hey Sheila, You can send me some pictures if you’d like and I can give you an idea about it.

  6. Angelina, if you are in Santa Cruz or can come through that would be possible.

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