What I do.

Over many years I have become an expert in several areas. I am available to to share the skills I have developed with you. Take a look at what I offer and see if I can help you out in some way.

Digital Design

Are you looking for something to get your point across to others or your ideas expressed visually? Well I’m here to help you. I’ve spent thousands of hours doing just that. Take a look in my digital section to see a few examples of what I can do. Keep in mind I like a challenge and am eager to take on new take on all different kinds of projects.

Painting Commissions

Like my artwork but looking something specific? Well that sounds good to me, I am always looking to create something new. Send me a note depicting what your looking for and I will see if your project is right for me.

Web Design

I enjoy creating functional, stylish websites like this one. I specialize in ones you can update yourself. If you are interested in the web and how it can help your business you needn’t look any further.

Live Painting

Throwing an event? Would you like to add the artistic element to it? That’s what I’m here for. I enjoy interacting with your audience and creating something on the spot. Watch me throughout the night as I use many my techniques to create something in front of your eyes.

Lessons & Talks

I am inspired by art and the creation process. Part of that is sharing what I know. I thoroughly enjoy teaching my skills to people ready to learn. If you would like me to speak about art, inspiration its place in society and teach what I know, Let me know.

Guest Curation

I have spent several years in the art scene both running a gallery and being surrounded by artists. I understand what it takes to put together a good show and have a large amount of skilled artists ready to show. Let me know what you are looking for.

Hat Design

It is often the case that original artwork is only available to few people. Understanding I’ve found a way to create affordable wearable art. Since 2004 I’ve created over 1000 one of a kind hats. If you’d like something original to wear, or would like to carry them in your shop let me know.

What I can help with

  • Design a Poster, Album Cover, Fliers or anything else digitally.
  • Creating new fresh artwork for you or your business.
  • Give you a web presence and understanding of how to maximize that presence.
  • Painting murels or on other large surfaces.
  • Live Painting at party’s, festivals, and other events.
  • Teaching you or others new skills.
  • Speaking about art, opportunities and how to connect with them.
  • Helping create an amazing art show.
  • Design and create original hats for you, your business, your band or any other opportunity you might think of.

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