Your experience with Ye Ming Zhu

Your experience with Ye Ming Zhu

January 30, 2013  |  Blog, Yeh Ming Ju  |  4 Comments

This stone has provided quite a learning experience for me. I am excited to be a part of sharing it with you. If you own or have been able to sit with a genuine piece of Ye Ming Zhu I would love to hear about your experience.

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Bus Painting by the Boardwalk

Bus Painting by the Boardwalk

May 18, 2010  |  Art Events, Blog  |  No Comments

Come join us Tuesday, May 18th at the finish line of stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California on the corner of Pacific Ave and Beach Hill between 12noon and 5pm.  Meet the Artists who helped launch Inspired by California. We are incredibly excited that we will be at the finish line of stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California in Santa Cruz painting our bus for our tour of California. The 6 California Artists that have donated their Art work for a limited edition print series that will help finance our trip, will be on hand to paint the Inspired by California bus on My 18th. Artists; Ray Sumser, Maureen Halligan, Gazelle Rider, Nick Anderson, Adrian Rasmussen, Elijah Photenhauer. These Artists help launch our 3 month journey asking the people of California what inspires them about this amazing State. To find out about all of the amazing events leading up to the finish line in Santa Cruz go to: and for cycling enthusiasts you can follow the Tour at

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Inspired by California

May 15, 2010  |  Art Events, Blog, Featured  |  No Comments

I have been invited to participate in Inspired by California a project where Kirby Scudder artist and Mark Halfmoon, filmmaker will travel California to talk to Californians about those things that inspire us about this great state. 900 great California stories in 90 days.

I’ve created a poster which will be sold to bring this trip to your town!

On May 18th 6 of us artists will be live painting the bus to be used for this trip.  This will take place during the Amgen tour of California bike race at the Boardwalk. Come join us and let us know what inspires you about California!

Kirby Scudder is Director of the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Arts in Santa Cruz, California and an accomplished Artist.  Mark Halfmoon is an award winning Filmmaker and Producer with 30 years of Television, Radio and Film experience.  Together the 2 have chosen to take a road trip around the State of California to find out what inspires people about the State of California.  At a time when language about the State is frequently negative Inspired by California seeks to ask whats great about this state.