About the Artist

Since before I could speak art has been a part of my life. As my words began to develop so did my art. Both of which have been equally important to my expression of thoughts, ideas and feelings. Throughout the years I have navigated through lessons, school and art shows in an exploration and discovery of my artistic passion.

Life itself is my art; So I create art throughout my life. I find myself exploring personal growth, balance and reflections of self in this modern world. To me art has become a valuable way to tap into the knowing which we all possess.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz California, I’ve found myself active in creating and sharing art throughout the bay area. A few projects include co-founding the Hide Gallery (Receiving multiple gold awards for a Santa Cruz gallery); Activating and promoting the Tannery Arts Project (Currently the largest Santa Cruz development); and founding Painted Hats (a way to bring exposure artists as well as create wearable art).

Feel free to connect with me, I am available to work with you on many artistic projects.

Art show history

In addition to this list I have painted at many festivals, concerts and other events.

  • Big Umbrella Studios: Group show 2010
  • Coffetopia: Personal Art Display 2010
  • Dead Cow: From the ground up: Group show 2010
  • Twist: Personal Art Display 2009
  • Art Worx: Six Degree Family: Group Show 2009
  • Hide Gallery: Animated Canvas 2, 3: 2008
  • Hide Gallery: Six Degree Family: Group show 2008
  • Gravity: Personal Art Display 2008
  • Hide Gallery: Animated Canvas: 2007
  • The Mill: Six Degree Family: Group show 2007
  • Hide Gallery: Personal Art Display 2006-2008
  • Santa Cruz Creative Soul: Personal Art Display 2004
  • Question Mark Gallery: Group Show 2004